When traveling on holiday, there is nothing wrong with spoiling yourself a little bit. If you think about it, working every other day, you probably need a break anyway. If you happen to be travelling to Goa, we have created a list of some of the best high end hotels that you could house yourself […]

We are a generation that always takes on more than we can handle. We are running from one task to another, with little or no time for ourselves. Very rarely life throws us a bone, usually in the form of a holiday that either falls on a Friday or a Monday, thereby extending our weekend. […]

We all need a holiday, a change of environment from our regular rat race of our work schedules, but we rarely make time for a proper one. More often than not, traveling is expensive and we find ourselves constantly putting it off and finding an alternative. Travelling to many countries is expensive but India has […]

Goa is known more for its coastline than anything else, although the state has plenty to offer. We have architecture that has been around for several centuries, dishes and delicacies that aren’t similar to any part of the country, culture and tradition that came with the Portuguese, among many other things. However, when tourists come […]